Our Team

Our bike store and workshop house a dedicated team of professionals that offer the best knowledge on bikes and cycling in the Middle East. We have the technical knowledge to help you with all facets of cycling, let it be road, mountain, track or leisure.

The Cycle Hub, based in Dubai Motor City, is in a high visibility location that enables us to access the various cycling tracks around Dubai with ease.

Our Sales Team

Cagri Terzioglu

Branimir Putnik

Cyrus Sucaldito

Martin Lutz

Simon Henley

Kostiantyn Filippov

Almir Mujic

Louise Ann Canalija

Rafael Quijano

Oleksandr Makarov

Our Workshop Team

Henrik Westerberg

Maxime Darcel

Melo Alejado

Wilbert Co

Marvin Laresma

Mico Carlos Bulanan

Marc R. Matudio

Mohamed Nour

Jose Philip

Ralf Montinola


Our Marketing Team

Ghofrane Souayah