Our Workshop Services

Our workshop guarantees the best services by only using the best technical know-how,  professional equipment, greases and lubricants.

It is our policy that we will not perform partial repairs on a bicycle where the bicycle would remain untrustworthy. In case additional work becomes necessary, we will always consult the customer before we proceed.

Due to the demand on our workshop we ask that all customers book their services in advance. We would recommend booking a service between 1-2 weeks in advance as to avoid a further delay.

We ask that all bikes are delivered before 9AM on your booking day or the evening before.

Should you be in a dire situation and your bicycle is not in a safe condition to ride, we can make small repairs and then book it in for a further date. This however, would require you to bring the bike in person so that one of our mechanics or salesman can make that evaluation.

We request clients to pick up serviced bikes within 72 hours or an additional charge may incur.

Wheel and Tyre Services

Tyre/tube fit – 25 AED

Wheel true and tension (Each) – 90 AED

  • Spokes are slackened, tensioned and wheel trued

Hub Service (Each) – 55 AED

  • Suitable for open bearing type hubs where hub is stripped and re-greased

Free Hub service/fit – 55 AED

Wheel Build – 185 AED

Gear and Brakes Services

Gear Service – 90 AED

  • Front and Rear gear adjustment and rear derailleur alignment

Brake Service – 90 AED

  • Front and Rear brake callipers adjusted and barrel adjusters reset. Includes pad alignment.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Service (Each) – 90 AED

  • Hydraulic brakes are re-bled with fresh fluid. Callipers are cleaned and brakes are realigned

Fork and Shock Services

Suspension Fork Lower Leg Service – 135 AED

  • Suspension forks are dismantled, cleaned and re-lubricated. This service is recommended every 4 months to keep the dust and elements out of your suspension. Fluids included

Air Can Service – 90 AED

  • The rear shock is opened, cleaned and re- lubricated. This service is recommended every 4 months to keep the dust and elements out of your suspension. Seal replacements are an additional charge. Oils and a full service of the shock will be performed by the factory authorised agent

Full Fork Service

  • A thorough inspection of the fork for damage and/or wear. Complete teardown and rebuild of the damper, including new seals and oil. New dust wipers and foam rings. New air piston and air piston seal. Fork bushings will be replaced when deemed necessary
  • Please email us to find out more information and prices on this service as it differs between manufacturers.

Bottom Brackets and Headset Services

Bottom Bracket Removal/fit – 90AED

  • The BB is removed, threads or shell are cleaned and the original bearings are refitted if still in working order

Headset removal/fit – 90 AED

  • This is suitable for when a headset is worn-out and a new one is required, or for a strip and re-greased

Bike Boxing and Assembly

Boxing a Bike – 105 AED

Adults – 315 AED

Kids – 210 AED

From Frame and Parts – 475 AED